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HAHmiR.DB (High-Altitude Human miRNA Database) is a unique, comprehensive, curated collection of miRNAs that have been experimentally validated to be associated with HA-stress; their level of expression in different altitudes, fold change, experiment duration, biomarker association, disease and drug association, tissue-specific expression level, Gene Ontology (GO) and Kyoto Encyclopaedia of Gene and Genomes (KEGG) pathway associations. As a server platform it also uniquely constructs and analyses interactive miRNA-TF-Gene coregulatory networks and extracts regulatory-circuits/Feed Forward Loops (FFLs) using in-house scripts. These regulatory circuits help to offer mechanistic insights in complex regulatory mechanisms during HA stress. The server can also build these regulatory networks and regulatory-circuits dynamically between two and more miRNAs of the database and also identify the regulatory-circuits from this network. Hence HAHmiR.DB is the first-of its-kind database in HA research which a reliable platform to explore, compare, analyse and retrieve miRNAs associated with HA stress, their coregulatory networks and FFL regulatory circuits.